Export to GenAlex_CodominantData

Titleā€ƒ Export to GenAlex_CodominantData


Exports spatially referenced genetic data from a Feature Class to a text file formatted for use in GenAlEx (Peakall and Smouse 2006, 2012), an MS Excel Add-In created to run various genetic analyses in Excel.

For more information on GenAlEx go to: http://biology. anu.edu.au/GenAlEx

Required Inputs:

  • An exisitng Feature Class with spatially referenced genetic data (e.g., co-dominant microsatellite data)

  • A Population Field from the attribute table that can be used to organize the data by distinct populations or groupings

  • A File Path and File Name for the Output Text File

Optional Inputs:

  • A Where Clause option to identify and select only those Feature Class records with genetic data NOTE: If your data only contains genetic records, this parameter can be left blank.


  • A Text File formatted to meet the input file format for GenAlEx for co-dominante data

  • NOTE: This tool currently works for codominant data such as microsatellies.


Exports spataily reference genetic data to a text file formatted for input into GenAlEx.


ExportGenAlEx (Input_Feature_Class, {Where_Clause}, Population Field, Output_File)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Input_Feature_Class Dialog Reference

Select a Feature Class containing spatially reference genetic data.

Feature Layer
Where_Clause (Optional) Dialog Reference

If the feature class contains spatially referenced data that are not genetic, use the Where Clause to select only those records containing genetic data.

SQL Expression
Population Field Dialog Reference

Select a field from the attribute table that can be used to sort the data by popualtion or grouping.

For example, select the field 'Region' to sort the data by the region from where each sample was collected (e.g. SEAK, CentAM, Hawaii, etc.).

Output_File Dialog Reference

Provide a file path and file name for the Output Text File.


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Created by the geneGIS team: Dori Dick, Shaun Walbridge, Scott Baker, Dawn Wright

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