Extract Raster Values To Points

Titleā€ƒ Extract Raster Values To Points


This tool extracts values from one or more raster layers based on sample (point) locations. Extracted values are added to the attribute table of the designated feature class. A new column is added for each input raster and based upon the raster name, prefixed with 'R_'.

Required Inputs:

  • The name of the raster layer(s) from which values will be extracted

  • The file path and name of the output feature class


  • A feature class with newly appended columns and extracted raster data values.




Extracts values from a raster layer based on sample locations. Columns will be added based on the input raster names, prefixed with 'R_'. For example, a raster named 'ETOPO1.tif' will create a column labeled 'R_ETOPO1'.


ExtractRasterByPoints (Input_Raster, Input_Feature_Class)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Input_Raster Dialog Reference

The name of the raster layer(s) from which to extract values.

Multiple Value
Input_Feature_Class Dialog Reference

A feature class to join the raster results back to.

By default, the output is selected first based on any selection in the layer box in the Add-in, or otherwise based on the last imported SRGD file.

Feature Class

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Created by the geneGIS team: Dori Dick, Shaun Walbridge, Scott Baker, Dawn Wright

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