Geographic Distance Paths

Titleā€ƒ Geographic Distance Paths


Compute pairwise geodesic arcs which connect all input points. These arcs represent the shortest distance (great circle distance) between the locations. An attribute of the distance is also included as an output column, "Distance_in_km".

NOTE: This script is resource intensive, and by default tries to use memory for all of its operations to improve performance. For large datasets (e.g. over 500 points) this script will automatically switch to disk-base operations, which are significantly slower, and in this circumstance the script can take many hours to complete.



ShortestDistancePaths (Input_Feature_Class, Output_Feature_Class, {Closest_Count})

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Input_Feature_Class Dialog Reference

A feature class, containing the point features for creating paths between.

Feature Layer
Output_Feature_Class Dialog Reference

The result will contain densified geodesic arcs which accurately represent the geodesic path between each pair of points.

Feature Layer
Closest_Count (Optional) Dialog Reference

Set this option if you only want to draw lines between each point and its one closest neighbor.


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Created by the geneGIS team: Dori Dick, Shaun Walbridge, Scott Baker, Dawn Wright

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