Genetic Analysis - F_st

Title  Genetic Analysis - F_st


Use SPAGeDi to compute a variety of F_st, or F-statistics, on input data.



SpagediFst (Input_Feature_Class, Population Field, Analysis_Type, Output_File)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Input_Feature_Class Dialog Reference

Input dataset for computing F-Statistics against.

Feature Layer
Population Field Dialog Reference

Input dataset field which contains the populations used for comparison.

Analysis_Type Dialog Reference

Jacknifing: mean jackknifed estimators and jackknife standard errors (SE) are computed for multilocus average statistics. They can be used to derive approximate confidence intervals using the mean ± 2SE. Jackknifying necessitates at least 2 polymorphic loci, but many polymorphic loci estimates are necessary to obtain reliable SE. Because SE are approximate, they should not be used for formal tests. (From SPAGeDI manual, §4.2.5)

Output_File Dialog Reference

A text file containing the results of the SPAGeDi analysis. Will be opened in the default text editor once analysis is complete.


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genetic, analysis, SPAGeDi


Created by the geneGIS team: Dori Dick, Shaun Walbridge, Scott Baker, Dawn Wright

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